English Level Test Results


English level test results - 2017/2018 Academic year

The European University of the Atlantic gives special importance to the English language among its Undergraduate students. With the purpose that the new students get to know their current language level in accordance with the European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR ), various English level tests are done during the admissions period. Once the result has been informed, coinciding with the beginning of the 2017/18 academic year, the university will inform the students on the specific preparation that may be offered to them, so that the students’ language level is the one required in the subjects in which English is the vehicle language or the language used in some of the subject contents.

The results of the calls that have been made to date can be known by clicking on the following links:

72079966J APTO
72228604W APTO
72224882Y APTO
72223611T APTO
72195196J APTO
18080251C APTO
72260104S APTO
72157246J APTO
X9772512L APTO
72156839C APTO
72106615M APTO
72198584C APTO
32076413S APTO
72083998C APTO
72198539K APTO
72104498G APTO
72180406N APTO
72229923X APTO
72209965Q APTO
72208909H APTO
72084370R APTO
53842984F APTO